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Stana Hearne

Betty Olds

A native of Missouri, Betty Olds moved to Berkeley in the mid- 1940s with her architect husband, Walter. They settled in Berkeley and raised three children there. Between 1960 and 1974, Betty taught children at Willard Junior High School. She was elected to the Rent Stabilization Board in 1984 and reelected in 1988. Enjoying politics, she decided to run for City Council in Berkeley in 1992, and was reelected for four terms. Betty was an ardent bird watcher and was active in Citizens for East Shore Parks and Greenbelt Alliance. She was also a founding member of Save the Bay. Betty led birding trips for the Sierra Club to far-off and exotic places ...

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Ed Bennett

Ed Bennett served as Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer of Citizens for East Shore Parks and has been involved with the organization since its early years. He was on the Berkeley Waterfront Commission for more than eight years, and prior to that he was on the Berkeley Recreation Commission for six years. He was a member of the Sierra Club's San Francisco Bay Chapter since 1949. He served on the executive committee as the chapter's treasurer for more than two decades and as chair for four years. He was also a member of numerous environmental organizations. Bennett was a research scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory from 1949 to ...

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Dwight Steele

Sylvia McLaughlin