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Citizens for East Shore Parks (CESP) was founded in 1985 to counter proposals put forth by Santa Fe Railroad to build large-scale developments on its shoreline properties in Albany and Berkeley. Groups, such as Urban Care in Berkeley formed to successfully fight the proposed developments but while a number of people shared the dream of an open shoreline and the idea of a park along the shore, no single group existed to advocate for this dream to become reality. Environmentalists from the Citizens for the Albany Shoreline, Emeryville Shoreline Committee, Golden Gate Audubon Society, Save the Bay, and the Sierra Club banded together to form the Citizens for Eastshore State Park (later changed to Citizens for East Shore Parks (CESP)). Other likeminded environmentalists and elected and appointed officials who shared the vision of a shoreline park, quickly joined.

Ever since that time, CESP has been working diligently to protect open space and establish a park along the East Bay shoreline through advocacy, outreach, and education. Working in partnership with area residents, organizations, and local and state governments, we have fought to preserve 1800 acres of open space in one of our nation’s most densely populated urban regions. All of this hard work paid off when on December 6, 2002, the Eastshore State Park was established with 8.5 miles of Shoreline Park stretching through five cities – from the foot of the Bay Bridge in Oakland through Emeryville, Berkeley and Albany to Richmond.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Citizens for East Shore Parks (CESP) is to create a necklace of shoreline parks from the Oakland Estuary to the Carquinez Strait.

A. Support public acquisition of shoreline lands which will complete the park.
B. Monitor development and participate in the waterfront planning process for each segment of the park along the East Bay shoreline.
C. Restore natural habitat and provide public amenities within the Eastshore State Park.
D. Educate the public about the importance of shoreline parks and open space for natural habitat and public uses.
E. Explore the potential for an East Shore Parks Conservancy.

Key Facts

1985 – Citizens for the Eastshore State Park
2002 – Eastshore State Park
2004 – The name of the organization changed from Citizens for the Eastshore State Park to Citizens for East Shore Parks to reflect our new mission.
2012 – The park is renamed McLaughlin Eastshore State Park in honor of Sylvia McLaughlin and all the volunteers who helped establish the park.

CESP Office Address
1604 Solano Avenue
Albany, CA 94707

CESP Mailing Address
PO Box 6087
Albany, CA 94607

Learn more about CESP: Who We Are and What We Do

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