Rumor’s of Eastshore Park Closure Untrue

By Richard Brenneman
Thursday July 30, 2009

Despite reports from the state Department of Parks and Recreation, Eastshore State Park isn’t about to close, reports Larry Tong, interagency planning manager for the park district.

“Over my dead body,” said Robert Cheasty, who chairs Citizens for Eastshore State Park, the advocacy group that has helped raise funds for the shoreline park used by countless Bay Area residents and visitors.

Tong said he has asked the state agency to correct the erroneous reports, which were broadcast Tuesday night on some regional television stations.

“The department does not provide any funds for Eastshore State Park,” Tong said. “While the parks district may be facing its own funding issues, we continue to fully fund operations at Eastshore State Park. The reports of its death, to quote Mark Twain, are greatly exaggerated.”

“Everyone will still have access to the shoreline,” said Cheasty. “It’s ridiculous to say otherwise.”

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