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Robert Cheasty

Albany racetrack’s fate is dirty business (5/15/07)
Richmond hopes to protect 5 miles of wetlands (3/2/09)

Norman LaForce

Alameda: Petition drive to kick off for Crab Cove ballot initiative (3/5/14)
Norman LaForce to be recognized for his environmental work

Norman’s Website
Elect Norman La Force to East Bay Regional Park District Board (10/08)
Norman LaForce speaks about Bike Trails and Park Resources

David Lewis

Nonprofit Profile – Save the Bay (3/23/07)
Message to Cargill Inc.: You can’t pave our Bay (11/20/07)
David Lewis ’83 protects San Francisco’s natural resource (5/21/04)

Sylvia McLaughlin

Letters to the editor, Nov. 6
A Pioneer Remembers How She and Friends Saved the Bay (11/5/2011)
McLaughlin Natural Reserve
Sylvia McLaughlin, Save the Bay founder, fights on (10/2011)
The Bay’s Best Friend – Sylvia McLaughlin has spent her life advocating for the bay (10/5/03)
Photo of Sylvia at UC Berkeley Tree Sit
Activist Sylvia McLaughlin Cares for Berkeley
Photo of Sylvia at first completed phase of Eastshore State Park
ASLA awards 2002 LaGrasse Medal to activist Sylvia McLaughlin (11/8/2002)
The Making of Eastshore Park (5/03)
Save-the-Bay leader Sylvia McLaughlin retiring (5/4/2000)

Doris Sloan

From the Field, Connecting with: Doris Sloan (4/29/2009)

Arthur Feinstein

US Navy, Electeds, Dragging Feet Over Hunters Point Shipyard Toxic Cleanup? (6/3/2009)

Hon. Whitney Dotson

Video of Whitney speaking about the Richmond Shore with article link (8/6/2006)

Patty Donald

Teacher founded Shorebird Park Nature Center (12/28/2008)

Mark Liolios

EGRET Evicted from Building in Berkeley’s Aquatic Park (News Analysis) (12/14/2010)

Betty Olds

Berkeley Says Goodbye to Betty Olds (11/20/2008)