The Community Plan for Point Molate, by Point Molate Alliance

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The Point Molate Alliance has formed to save Point Molate. CESP (including its members and supporters), Citizens for a Sustainable Point Molate, the Sierra Club, SPRAWLDEF and other groups and environmentalists and people concerned with open government have banded together under this new banner to preserve and protect the legacy that we all want to pass along to the next generations.

To counter the housing-heavy visions for Point Molate put forth by the City’s consultants, the Point
Molate Alliance developed The Community Plan as an alternative. Along with other visions for Point Molate, The Community Plan will be incorporated into the Request for Proposals sent to prospective developers.

“The Community Plan is based upon what the community requested at the city workshops. Despite pressure by the city consultants to include housing, most participants stated their strong opposition to housing at Point Molate, wanting housing moved to downtown.”

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