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Kathy Diehl

Alix Mazuet

Originally from Southern France, Alix spent most of her childhood between Cannes-La Bocca (France) and Abidjan (Ivory Coast). She has lived in the Bay Area for many years and is now a Richmond resident. Alix teaches French as a Foreign Language as well as French and Francophone Studies. In her academic work, she specializes in cultural history of the long nineteenth century, with a second area of expertise in Sub-Saharan postcolonial histories, cultures and literatures. Alix is also involved in the advocacy of social, economic and environmental justices. She belongs to several non-profit organizations that fight to protect open spaces, prevent ...

Kelly Hammargren

Sally Tobin

Sally Tobin grew up west of Port Angeles, Washington, within sight of Olympic National Park. She and her family spent many happy times in the Park, hiking, swimming, and fishing. She became a biologist and received her Ph.D. from the University of Washington. Her studies involved marine biology and embryology, and she became especially interested in how genes contribute to the changing shapes of cells and tissues during early development. Following postdoctoral work at UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco, she became a faculty member at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine. At Oklahoma, she taught genetics to medical and graduate students and ...

Brennan Cox

Brennan is a landscape architect and urban designer with 15 years of  experience working at all scales of the built environment and for all types of clients.  He is a founding partner of GROUNDWORKS Office and amongst a new generation of designers using technology as tool for designing, prototyping and constructing innovative landscapes.  His work seeks to expand the field of landscape architecture and build projects that imbue the complexities of our environmental conditions and promote a strong civic stewardship.  He prefers to solve every problem with a Pentel Sign Pen Model #S520 and a roll of trace paper, and he usually isn’t very far from ...

Pam Stello

Pam is an environmental activist and an educator. She has worked for years to protect Point Molate headlands in Richmond and its rich environmental, cultural, and historical resources. Pam is co-chair of the Point Molate Alliance and the Richmond Shoreline Alliance. She is co-host of the Speaking UP for Point Molate speaker series. To check out past speakers: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCWg3-3wrgguS02lbt5wO_Qw

Stana Hearne

Tom Bates

Tom Bates Tom Bates has served as Vice-President of Citizens for East Shore Parks. Tom was elected Mayor of Berkeley in 2002, and has focused tremendous effort and resources into making Berkeley a model city for environmental sustainability. Berkeley was recently named the third 'most sustainable' city in the United States in a study by a major environmental organization. Before becoming mayor, Bates served four years as an Alameda County Supervisor and two decades as a California legislator representing Berkeley. His record in the State Legislature includes authoring more than 220 bills that became law, including legislation to create the Eastshore ...

Rich Walkling

Rich Walkling is the CFO for Restoration Design Group in West Berkeley – a landscape architecture and civil engineering firm focused on habitat restoration and public access. He has designed and managed several restoration projects on the North Richmond shoreline and on creeks throughout the East Bay.  Rich has served on the East Bay Regional Park District Park Advisory Committee, was vice president of the Golden Gate Audubon Society, and board chair of Urban Tilth in Richmond.

Betty Olds

A native of Missouri, Betty Olds moved to Berkeley in the mid- 1940s with her architect husband, Walter. They settled in Berkeley and raised three children there. Between 1960 and 1974, Betty taught children at Willard Junior High School. She was elected to the Rent Stabilization Board in 1984 and reelected in 1988. Enjoying politics, she decided to run for City Council in Berkeley in 1992, and was reelected for four terms. Betty was an ardent bird watcher and was active in Citizens for East Shore Parks and Greenbelt Alliance. She was also a founding member of Save the Bay. Betty led birding trips for the Sierra Club to far-off and exotic places ...