Albany – In order to better reflect the current focus of its work CESP, which formerly stood for Citizens for the Eastshore State Park, will now stand for Citizens for East Shore Parks.

For decades, CESP worked actively with fellow community residents, with agencies, and with local and state representatives, to establish the Eastshore State Park. On December 6, 2002, that goal was successfully achieved. Since then, CESP has been working actively with park agencies, local representatives and organizations to ensure that the General Plan for the Eastshore State Park, which ensures the preservation of area wildlife, is properly implemented.

We are also, however, working actively to preserve open space in surrounding areas, e.g. Richmond. Thus, we decided a name change to CITIZENS FOR EAST SHORE PARKS (CESP) most accurately reflects the shift from our previous work to our current mission.

Our address and contact information will remain the same:

Citizens for East Shore Parks
P.O. Box 6087
Albany CA 94702
(510) 524-5000

For more information, contact Patricia , Communications Coordinator at CESP, (510) 524-5000,

Citizens for East Shore Parks works to protect and promote open space along the eastern shore of the Bay through advocacy and education.