Join us for Visualizing Sea-level Rise on April 22

CESP will create a scientifically accurate educational display to show where the new shoreline will be after 2-meters of sea rise. The event aims to engage the public in a dynamic visual display to show where the new shoreline will be, if we do nothing to address sea level rise.

When: Saturday, April 22
Where: Jack London Square Neighborhood, Meet at 333 Broadway at 12:00 pm, move to 2nd and Broadway at 12:30 pm.
Email to get involved.

You may also RSVP on the Facebook event page:

The Resilient Shoreline Program is a natural extension of CESP’s 30-year effort to protect open space and develop a unified shoreline park along the Bay’s eastern shoreline.

This year we will offer programs to increase public awareness about climate change and its impact on the Bay shoreline and continue to organize a Grand Coalition of public leaders to implement timely solutions.

This campaign combines advocacy, science and education.

What is a Resilient Shoreline?
A Resilient Shoreline relies on preserving and strengthening the natural shoreline, including expanded marshes, systems to address rising sea levels due to climate change, storm surges and King Tides.

Why a Resilient Shoreline?
Climate change adds urgency to increasing the amount of shoreline protected from development. Open space along the shoreline provides expanded opportunities to implement mitigation and larger-scale restoration efforts compared to areas with development abutting the shoreline. Adding marshes and other recommended natural shoreline is a major step in mitigating sea rise.