Gambling venues bet big on Prop. 68

Aug 7, 2004 by Erin Sherbert

In San Mateo County, gambling interests are betting big bucks on Proposition 68, having dumped nearly $3.5 million into the campaign.

Leading the pack in monetary donations is Magna Entertainment Corp., which operates both the Bay Meadows Racecourse in San Mateo and Golden Gate Fields in Albany. Magna has given about $1.7 million to Proposition 68.

Bay Meadows Main Track Investors LLC has contributed $992,000 while the two cardrooms, Lucky Chances and Artichoke Joe’s, have contributed more than $400,000 each.

To date, Proposition 68 proponents have received about $12 million, all from race tracks and cardrooms that would benefit if it passes. Their opponents have collected $7.2 million.

Both sides plan to blanket the state with newspaper and television ads and send crews out to get people signed up to join their coalitions.

Experts say they could be spending $50 million-plus between them, in a state where serious propositions tend to cost about $10 to $15 million.


Source: Oakland Tribune