EBRPD Whitney Dotson is a lifelong advocate for preservation of the North Richmond Shoreline. In the 1970s, Richard Daniel Dotson, his father, led a contingent from Parchester Village to fight off proposals to replace marshes around the subdivision with a small airport. This effort opposing the airport ultimately paved the way for the establishment of Point Pinole Park. Dotson is the leading spokesman for the North Richmond Shoreline Open Space Alliance and Bay Area environmental organizations, including the Sierra Club and Citizens for East Shore Parks, that hope to preserve nearly three-fourths of the Richmond’s 32-mile-long shoreline. Having secured Breuner Marsh for incorporation into Point Pinole Park, Dotson’s work is now focused on protecting an expanse of shoreline meadowland west and south of Parchester Village. He was featured on the National Archives 1000 Voices project for his environmental work. Dotson currently serves on the East Bay Regional Park District board of directors.  Whitney’s Press > >